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Hanging in there.

I realize I’ve been neglecting my blog for over a month now. I’ve been distracted with this 8:30-6:30 pm job (I know, right, I can’t even call it a “9-5” job), and most of the time, I come home feeling tired and sleepy and sometimes I just can’t muster enough strength to gather my thoughts, face the computer and type in an entry. But since I’m feeling lazy and unable to write even one sentence for this semi-article I’ve been tasked to do, I will try and make up for the lack of entries.

To state the obvious, I now have a job. I don’t want to state the name, haha, so I’ll just say that I’m an Editorial Assistant for a magazine. My salary isn’t too big, and to be honest, I’m not too proud of the job. Not because of the money, but because I can’t say I’m learning a whole lot of things while I’m here. I know it sounds ungrateful; I mean, I know it’s my first job straight out of college, and I should be thankful that I got this one, considering my other batch mates still aren’t part of the workforce, but it’s the truth. This job feels more like a secretarial job than any other – I print out contracts for the marketing people, I answer calls and take messages, I give exams to applicants, I coordinate with contributors and advertisers… basically I’m the all-around girl, and everyone else is free to order me around. I’m really not complaining, I mean, like everybody says, “You’ve got to start at the bottom before making your way to the top.” The only thing is, if people ask me to describe my work, rarely do I use the word, “Fun.” Often times, I usually blurt out, “It’s okay.” or “Meh.”

Of course, my work isn’t entirely useless. It’s up to me to dictate which articles go to this or that page of the magazine (that’s pagination, if you still don’t get it) and I also get to attend some events (press launch, conferences, etc.). Next issue, I think I’ll be contributing a couple of semi-articles (semi because some of the content is from an interview, so half of it is just copy and paste) and I get to proofread the entire magazine before it’s passed onto the press. I am learning the ins and outs of a magazine, and in the entirety, that knowledge is still pretty useful.

Thing is, though, I can’t picture myself staying in this company for the long-term. I mean, I like that I get to go out of the country and do a little sightseeing in exchange for a few days’ work, and I do get interested with some of the articles featured in the mag, but I really can’t see myself writing business articles. I mean, I respect the writers and all, and I know can probably will myself to write an article with a serious tone to it, but after a while, I’m pretty sure I’ll get sick of it. It sucks that I’ve always dreamed of writing for a lifestyle magazine, but as of the moment, the opportunity hasn’t presented itself.

I won’t let myself feel down, however. I can still get a few positive things from this position. Number one is the experience. I guess I’m still part of the lucky few who got a job five months after graduation, where the first three months were spent bumming around instead of scouring Manila for work. At least my resume will now read “Editorial Assistant (August 2010 – Present) instead of just my graduation date. Surely, when that “great” opportunity finally presents itself, future employers would recognize that I have had some experience in this field. Secondly, I now have money to spend for myself. Albeit, it’s not much, but at least I don’t have to rely on my dad to hand me a few hundred pesos if ever I want to eat out or watch a movie. I can even save up for books and clothes and other worldly things I might want. In fact, I even indulged a bit and bought a spectacular PURPLE phone from my first salary. Most of all, though, I wouldn’t be embarrassed if people ask me how things are going, because I can finally say that I have a job and can sort of fend for myself already. Of course I’m not wholly independent, but hey, I’m getting there, right?

Speaking of money matters, I feel happy that even if I don’t get to contribute much to the family, I was still able to buy my dad a gift for his birthday. It came out of my pocket, not something I saved up from the allowance he used to give me. It makes me look forward to the day I can finally tell him to stop working, because his daughter is finally going to be able to give back all the love, hard work and financial stability he offered to me. If there’s one thing that pushed me to find work, it’s the thought that it’s now my time to take care of my Dad. I know I won’t be able to ask him to stop working now, but maybe in a few years or so, when I’ve climbed a few steps up the corporate ladder.

For now, I’m settled on being an EA. If there’s one thing to look forward to in work, it’s that the people here are friendly and easy to get along with. I’m lucky that I’m at work with familiar faces – Lian and Camille say the most hilarious stuff, and when we’re together, the stress kinds of fade away for a bit. Even when faced with dreadful to-do lists, we still have time to pester each other and this turns into an all out laughterfest. So thanks to them, I think I’ll be staying a little bit longer. 🙂