The most exciting part is at the end.

If last Sunday was an indication of the year to come, then it sure will be an unfortunate event one after the other.

Unfortunate event #1: Last Sunday was the baptism of my cousin’s daughter. I was going to be one of her godmothers, so I asked LOMU to sleep over and accompany me to the church because the rest of my family will be sleeping in and will only attend the reception.

Guess what. I overslept! Granted, it was my fault since I slept at 6 in the morning, but I really thought my desire and responsibility as a godmother would overpower my exhaustion. Oops.

Second, after eating a lot and taking a nap in my cousin’s house (I’m an awful godmother haha!), LOMU and I decided to go to Robinson’s Galleria. He’d already completed the stickers for the Starbucks planner he was going to give his older sister, and we’ve been visiting nearby branches in search of an oak or cherry planner, but to no avail. Since Galleria was close to my cousin’s house, we decided we’d give their Starbucks branch a try. And since I still had some leftover money from my last paycheck, I decided that I was going to buy something pretty for myself, since I haven’t done so in ages. What is this pretty thing you might ask? A purple Swatch. Of course.

Unfortunate event #2: Off we went to Starbucks. At first the barista said they still had the spruce planner, which would’ve been all right since LOMU’s sister wanted a planner in one of the darker shades, but when the barista came back he said that like the other branches we went to, they only had the bamboo and poplar ones. So we gave in to a poplar planner.

Unfortunate event #3: There was no Swatch store in Galleria, so we headed to Digital Hub because I was planning to buy a hard shell case for Panda instead.

Okay, first a little background: As I was saving up for Panda, I already pictured a purple shell for him. One that I can bastardize, because since I have a history of scratching my gadgets, I didn’t want Panda to suffer the same fate. The problem was, when I got Panda, I found out that there aren’t a lot of brands to choose from. And all of them were in various shades of purple, none of which I liked.

Anyway, going back. I found a lot of Speck cases, but I still wasn’t sold on buying one, so I told LOMU if we could head on over to Megamall to see if they had a Swatch store there.

As we were about to go out, LOMU stopped me and pointed to a row of headphones. I almost died, because I saw an R2-D2 and a Darth Vader Coloud headphone.

Another background: I’ve been eyeing the Star Wars Coloud headphones for a few months now, and last Christmas, I finally got one courtesy of LOMU’s Christmas gift. Unfortunately, the kind he gave me was my third choice: the Lightspeed ones. I originally wanted the R2-D2 or the Darth Vader, but the three Power Mac Centers we went to only had the Lightspeed, Boba Fett and Rebel Alliance ones.


Unfortunate event #3: We got to Megamall and there was a Swatch store there, but they didn’t have the kind of watch I wanted. WHYYYYYYYY.

Unfortunate event #4: I was itching to spend the money in my wallet so I dragged LOMU to the Power Mac Center, prepared to spend my dough on a Speck hard shell case in Aubergine. But lo and behold, they didn’t have the color!

Unfortunate event #5: As we walked out of the store, I felt something iffy going on with my feet. I looked down and found the soles of my shoes detached from the rest of the shoes, all thanks to the rain. So I did spend some of my money, to one hundred something slippers.

So, in lieu of the weirdest day I’ve had so far, let me recap the highlights and lowlights of the past week.

The Year so far:


*spent a so-so New Year, made bleak by the fact that my dad was hit with a stray “kwitis.” Sure, the wounds were shallow but what a way to welcome the New Year, huh.

*had an upset stomach in the days that followed (I’ve just recently recovered)


*reunited with my childhood friends and got drunk to the amount of P11,660

Oh, and…


VIP, baby!

Woohoo, I can’t wait for March 30!!!!!


Good Luck, Kitty.

Yes, consider this my year-ender entry. As usual, I’m late in doing it.

A few days before the New Year, one of my friends told me that the year prior to the celebration of your Chinese zodiac is said to be the unluckiest year you’ll ever experience. Since she was born in the year of the Dragon (which will be celebrated this 2012), her 2011 proved to be a lackluster year. Sure, it had its okay moments, but in all, it wasn’t a year she would look fondly of.

2013 will be the year of the Snake, so you can just imagine my trepidation right now. 2011 was pretty much a bad year for me, and all I want is to move forward and create a better year this time around. I don’t think I can take it if 2012 turns out to be even worse than the year prior.

That being said, let me take a moment to recall the highlights and lowlights of 2011:


*went to Boracay and got to spend time with my mom whom I haven’t seen (personally) in four years

*witnessed my dad and my mom try to become friends again after their ugly separation a decade ago

*became “Tita-Ninang” to the most adorable niece in the world

*got into my dream company

*finally went to an office where everyone had the same wavelength as I did; found officemates who made work easier and worth all the hard work

*got loads of free stuff from companies

*saw my name published monthly in a pretty popular magazine

*felt accomplished, career-wise

*ran my first 5k (with my boyfriend and my dad—who high-fived each other after the race was over!)

*celebrated an AWESOME second anniversary with my boyfriend

*received Panda, whom I slaved over for five months


*got dengue and was hospitalized

*quit my 2nd job because of financial difficulties (read: I wasn’t getting paid)

*got into an intense fight with my sister which almost made me pack my bags and leave

*got reprimanded on my last job because of my tardiness

*was told that I had awful English grammar and that I have difficulty when it comes to prepositions

*had my ego bruised and my self-esteem deflated

*lost my third job (which makes it a total of three jobs—in a year and a half!), even when I honestly loved every minute of it and would’ve wanted to stay for a few more years

*celebrated a dreary Christmas (sure, it was accentuated with exciting moments here and there, but overall, it was blah)

Looking at my list, it might seem that the highlights trump the lowlights, but considering the gravity of the events in the latter, you can surmise I’m feeling pretty down right now. I lost the first job that I’ve loved ever since I became part of the yuppies, and it sucks even worse because it was in my dream company. It’s like I put in a lot of love and effort, and for what? To have a taste and that’s it?

Eh, but don’t worry, I’m not giving up. Another friend told me that “You’re still the master of your fate,” so I guess I’ll try to do just that. For now, I’ll take another shot at my dream company, and if it doesn’t work out… well. I’ll think of that when I get there.

So what say you? Wish me luck?


In my research, I found out that two of my most favorite people in the world were born in the year of the snake. Anne Rice and Sarah Michelle Gellar. What do they have in common? COOL VAMPIRE BACKGROUND. Anne Rice makes badass vampires while Sarah Michelle played Buffy of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. Which had Spike. ‘Nuff said.

Harry Potter 30-day challenge – Day 2

Did it take a while to get into the series?

I’m not really a fan of joining bandwagons, so when I was in the fifth grade, I was kind of annoyed when people started raving about this new book called “Harry Potter.” I got the gist from listening to other people, and to be honest I was standoffish—what the hell was so special about a boy who finds out he’s a wizard? Hasn’t it been done before?

But curiosity killed the cat, and when a friend brought a copy of the Sorcerer’s Stone to school, I let go of my pride and asked if I could borrow it. I ignored it for two days, but when my friend reminded me to return it already, I told myself, ‘what the heck’ and gave it a go.

One page in and I was hooked. I didn’t put it down until I finished it three hours after.

I haven’t looked back since.

Moving on.

Meet Panda!

So today I finally got my new baby. I’ve been talking about saving money for a new laptop the past year and the year before, and I was finally able to follow through with it. My mom agreed to split the cost with me, so for the past five months I’ve been saving half of my meager earnings so I can finally buy a laptop. I was even lucky that mom lived in the States, so buying a Macbook Pro was relatively cheaper compared to buying it in the Philippines. Even luckier, we pooled the money around the time of the Black Friday sale, so I got a huge discount on it 🙂

I decided to name him Pandora, nicknamed Panda. He’s bisexual, like me (of course). Why Pandora? Well, the cheesy explanation is this: I used to hate all things Apple (hence, like Pandora, I saw it as an evil), but when I started using one in the office, I realized that what people were raving about was true—it really was a convenience. So therein lies the hope. Oh my ghad, now that I’ve typed it, I realized it’s the ultimate cheese. So to make up for it, I’ll name it Panda.

Anyway, Panda’s also my symbol of hope. 2011 was kind of a rough year for me. I’ve been hopping from extreme happiness to extreme sadness one after another. I quit my job, found another one that was supposed to make me happy, quit it months after because the company couldn’t pay me, found a job at my dream workplace but was let go after my probation period.

It was a huge blow, mainly because the reasons given were something I couldn’t come to terms with. After my evaluation I felt like a huge thorn was lodged on my ego—I always thought I was good at writing, but it turns out I wasn’t. Not good enough. Honestly, I’m at the lowest point right now. All my confidence has been stripped from me, and I’m questioning all of my abilities. I have such a huge dream, but now I’m unsure if I can make it into a reality.

But Panda’s giving me hope. It might sound crazy, putting your faith into an inanimate object, but just looking at his shiny exterior makes me think that I can still do great things, as long as I work hard for it. This, too, shall pass.

I can start over.

And as part of the new beginning, I’ll try to update my blog as often as I can again. I think the only way to get better at writing is to exhaust myself stringing words, and that’s what I’ll try to do. My muse has been imprisoned way too long at the back of my brain; laziness has overcome him.

But maybe it’s time to let him out?

Here’s to hoping. And moving on.

Playing Catch Up

Now that I’ve gotten some free time on my hands (more on that later, I need to collect my bearings or else I might get emotional again) I’m hoping I can finally watch some, if not all, the series I’ve been wanting to watch. The only problem is that my Internet connection is agonizingly slow and I won’t be able to download them all. So if you have copies of the following series, maybe we can meet and I’ll get the files from you? 🙂

Korean Dramas I’d like to watch:
1. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
2. Lie to Me
3. Scent of a Woman
4. Dream High

US Series:
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (3-7)
2. Modern Family
3. Friends*
4. Happy Endings
5. Once Upon a Time
6. Downton Abbey
7. Misfits
8. Will and Grace
9. Two and a Half Men
10. Game of Thrones

And again, since I have more time on my hands, maybe you’ll see me hanging out in the blogosphere again. I’ll be struggling to string words together, but I’m going to attempt it, anyway.



HP30Challenge – Day 1

Top three favorite characters and why.

1. Draco Malfoy – To be honest, I got more into him because of the fanon perspective. There’s a certain allure with the whole Harry/Draco scenario, and the best fanfic writers were able to give Draco such believable depth and character that made me fall in love with him. But my favoritism toward Draco does not only lie on the fandom. Sure Draco’s appearance on the books will make readers feel disdain, but J.K. makes it clear that most of the time he’s misunderstood, and the things he does is deeply rooted to his desire of making his parents (especially his father) proud. He’s a coward, yes, but in Book Six JK redeems him – he’s only doing it because he doesn’t want to be killed, nor his family to be killed. And I guess because of his pride, and the way he was raised, he never really got over the fact that Harry chose Ron and Hermione, whom he viewed as inferiors. Damn, I guess I’m not making any sense so I’ll stop now.

2. Remus Lupin – He’s an outcast in his own world and yet he’s made of so much resilience. He’s the best DADA teacher Hogwarts has ever had, and he was the one who taught the subject and made it really matter. Plus, he’s a Marauder. Nuff said.

3. Sirius Black – He was never really happy. He had snippets of happiness, sure, but most of his life he was miserable. Until the end. And the vision of his handsome face, of caring for Harry like no other, it hurts me.

Well, I see this blog is gathering dust.

So in my attempt to resurrect this (and because it’s less than a month to the second part of the film), I’ll be doing this challenge:


Harry Potter 30-day Challenge

1. Top three favorite characters and why.
2. Did it take a while to get into the series?
3. Favorite villain and why.
4. List all of the books in order from most to least favorite.
5. Which one of the deaths did you have the hardest time with?
6. One of your favorite quotes.
7. Anything you’d change in the epilogue?
8. Favorite movie?
9. What would be your favorite class at Hogwarts?
10. The cloak, the wand, or the stone?
11. Is there a character you didn’t like in the books but loved in the movies? (Or vice versa)
12. Least favorite character.
13. Favorite location from the movies.
14. If you could work at any place at Hogsmeade, where would it be?
15. Top three favorite scenes from the series?
16. If you could ask your favorite character one thing, what would it be?
17. What would your Patronus be?
18. What book have you read the most?
19. What house would you be in?
20. What would a boggart turn into in front of you?
21. Favorite magical creature.
22. Have you ever been to the midnight showing of an HP movie?
23. Favorite Dursley.
24. Favorite Hogwarts professor.
25. Which character was best casted in the movies?
26. Does it bother you that the movies differ from the books?
27. What movie have you watched the most?
28. Have you been to the WWoHP? If not, do you plan on it?
29. What would be the first thing you’d buy at the Twin’s joke shop?
30. Five parts of DH pt2 that you’re looking forward to.


First answer will be on the next post! 🙂