Some thoughts about my new job before I go to sleep

It’s refreshing to:

* have a boss whom you can actually talk to and share some common interests—like Sherlock, Good Omens and the genius that are the British, in general

* be told that they couldn’t take you in the position you applied for, and instead had a spot created for you, just because they saw your potential and thought, “Hey, we have to have this girl on our team,”

* have a boss who makes you feel trusted, listens and accepts your ideas, and even goes on a limb to lend you some (expensive!) books so you can learn more stuff about a particular section in the magazine (and then tells you that in the future maybe you can take charge of that section, too)

* have a boss who finds a balance seeing the good and the bad—she’s not afraid to critique you (but does so in a helpful manner that really shows she genuinely wants you to improve) but also gives you praises when she thinks you’ve done a mighty fine job

* be on a team that are on good terms with one another. No tension, can have fun, but still focused on the work.

I’ve only been here a month and a half; I’m so happy, but somewhere along the back of my head, pessimist!Kitty is screaming, “How long will this last?!” But now it’s just a relief to have a job that actually teaches you and gives you a chance to seize opportunities (because at some point they think, ‘you can.’) I’m crossing my fingers that hopefully, I’ll get to keep this job in the long run. God knows I really want to.





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