Hello, Goodbye.

It’s three days after the new year and all I can offer is a look back on the year that was and a few goals I’m setting. Seriously, my backlog is pathetic. I can’t even blog my thoughts on time. Haha. Anyway, here goes.

Last 2010 I,

  • spent my first month with the love of my universe
  • successfully organized a lot of programs, including Love Notes, with the greatest org in the world, the Thomasian Writers Guild
  • got the most beautiful bouquet of white roses, for the first time, on Valentine’s Day (and it was only the beginning of a whole bunch more)
  • graduated!
  • spent the night with my special someone in the beach (and he took care of me the whole night I had a fever)
  • had two months of relaxation with myself and my friends before facing the challenge of looking for a job
  • got rejected by a mag that I really wanted to be part of. A few months later, I realized that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it very much, anyway. I wouldn’t really have fit in.
  • got accepted in a job that initially made me proud, but in the end only made me stick with it because of the great people and my need for money
  • on the plus side, it gave me the chance to go to Hong Kong, albeit alone. O_O
  • I also took a lot of crap just so I can be published, but at the end of it all, when I read my “articles” on print, it made me feel empty because those weren’t really my words
  • I fought with my sister, and after a lot of advice from people, learned that I should just keep my mouth shut and take it all in stride, for the good of all mankind
  • spent my first Christmas without my grandfather, Tatay :c, but
  • I was also able to visit my mom’s relatives whom I haven’t seen in years
  • spent most of my paycheck on food, and bought stuff for myself using my hard-earned money
  • bought my dad AND my sister gifts for Christmas, using MY money

Lastly, I celebrated my first anniversary with the love of my universe. I ended 2010 with him, and I also started 2011 with him. It was sheer joy.

This year certainly had its ups and downs. So many things have happened, and not all of them were good, but I’m still thankful for everything. Each con had its pro, and for every heartache, I managed to turn it into something to smile about. However,

This 2011 I vow to,

  • write more and update my blog as often as possible
  • put more original stuff on Tumblr (because it’s always surreal to see strangers reblog your work) — ang babaw ko ba? Oh well.
  • get a new job that (hopefully) doesn’t make me miserable
  • save up enough money so I can buy my own laptop
  • read more books, buy more books
  • be a better girlfriend, sister and daughter
  • love Mookie even more
  • and lastly, take more risks, gain more confidence and do the things I normally think I cannot do

Whew! Those lists were pretty long! But I really hope I can do all these things, seeing as they’re not humanly impossible. Heck, I even want to do the third as soon as possible! Haha, but I know that it will come. I just have to be prepared to make the leap. 🙂


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